Issei Suda

Foto maravillosa de Violeta y Nicanor!!!!

Statue of Napoleon I after the Fall of the Vendôme Column during the Paris Commune, 1871


Schizoid Chiche(from the archives 2004-05)

Reclining Semi Nude with Red Hat, 1910
Egon Schiele

Joseph Beuys, La rivoluzione siamo Noi, 1972.

Joseph Beuys, One Hundred Days of the Free International University, 1977, at documenta 6, Kassel, Germany [via Richard Demarco]

Joseph Beuys - Difesa della natura, 1981

how to explain pictures to a dead hare, joseph beuys (1965).

at the beginning of the performance, Beuys locked the gallery doors from the inside, leaving the gallery-goers outside. they could observe the scene within only through the windows. with his head entirely coated in honey and gold leaf, he began to explain the pictures in the gallery to a dead hare. whispering to the dead animal on his arm in an apparent dialog, he processed through the exhibit from artwork to artwork. occasionally he would stop and return to the center of the gallery, where he stepped over a dead fir tree that lay on the floor. after three hours the public was let into the room. Beuys sat upon a stool in the entrance area with the hare on his arm and his back to the onlookers.